Glamour Gal

Never thought I would make it to this sort of platform, so excited to see what else is to come....

How did you first get into volleyball?

"When I was eight years old, I moved from London to California. At school, during P.E, we tried lots of different sports, and I just loved playing volleyball. I continued to play throughout school and ended up getting a sporting scholarship to go to the University of Miami, which covered my tuition, food and housing.
"At university you're playing at quite a high level; it got more and more competitive, and I kept growing as a player. On the advice of my coach, I flew back to the UK to participate in the Team GB trials in Sheffield. It was hard because there were women there who had already been playing together as a team. But I got onto the squad and it was fantastic to be able to build up my strength and continue playing." the rest in Glamour Mag,