Uniting through Sports

            Sports have a powerful affect on individuals lives beyond the court. I've found that playing sports has allowed me to escape from stress, disappointment, and any sort of hardships that I face. I've used sports as a way to refocus onto a clear, simple goal: to win. What is most inspiring about sports is that for many athletes, their purpose on the court, the field or the track is a way to protect them and push them through obstacles in their lives. Each successful player has their own hardships, and each one has pushed beyond them to overcome adversity and achieve a goal. Through my own game I have seen this in tangible effect.
           What I've come to realize is that sports unite people. I have visited family members throughout my trips to England and I have heard time and time again that the Olympics brought my family together. It's interesting, being in a family there are so many ups and downs and some of the time it seems impossible to have people see eye to eye. At the end of the day, something's may not ever get fixed. But watching a family member play in the Olympics creates a sort of unity, pride, and support that sometimes is lost.

           During my time playing sports there has been one thing that I really value about the games; looking up into the stands and seeing family and friends unite to see me achieve a goal. All the hardships and arguments are abandoned, and instead of worrying about conflicting opinions, they collectively have one solid perspective. During the Olympics, my family members all watched and discussed how my television appearances were going, completely ignoring any sort of underlying negativety towards one another.

           I find it sometimes draining to try and unite people, but with sports creating cohesion and trust is complimentary. We see this as  schools support their local clubs and with nations that join together to support their Olympic teams. With sports, issues can be ignored so it seems necessary that I must get involved. As part of the reasoning towards my aspiration to play in another Olympics I hope that my family can all unite again, and cheer me on with pride and happiness.